For any home health care agency to succeed, the commitment to patient care must start from the heart. At Beneficence Home Healthcare, we wholeheartedly take the responsibility of caring for clients at home not because it’s what they need from us but because it is our obligation as certified professionals and paraprofessionals in home healthcare. To do no harm to a patient means to bring health care home if needed and that’s what we do every day.

Our agency is defined by its commitment to serve people with health care needs while maintaining the presence of their relatives. Along with the physicians, we coordinate the proper administration of the plan of care, designed specifically to meet the needs of each patient that we serve.
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Here are the services we currently offer:

Are you looking for a home health care agency that is competent? We can easily arrange for health services to clients living in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Our personalized health care services at Beneficence Home Healthcare are designed to attain the best of health of our clients. We are here to serve you 24/7.

Call us at 617-514-2424 to get started soon.

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